Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookie - Assorted Christmas Decoration

  This American classic Cookie is drenched in chocolate, drizzled with minted white chocolate, accented with a variety of themed motifs, and placed in a "showcase cups."  Truly a work of art! Assorted Christmas Sugar Decorations may include a Santa, Snowman, Christmas Tree, Candy C..


Chocolate Fortune Cookies - Christmas Decoration

Give your special occasion a highly personalized touch with your custom message wrapped inside a delicious fortune cookie covered with our signature blend of milk and dark chocolate.   Assorted Chrismas Decorations may include Santa, Snowman, Christmas Tree, Holly, Poinsettia and Wreath. ..


Gift Basket - Fortune Cookies 30 pc (large)

Filled with Thirty (30) individually packaged chocolate covered fortune cookies!  Crystal Clear so you can see all the delicious goodies inside!  Each cookie has a fortune message or customize them for a personal touch!  Makes a wonderful thank you gift for an office or large family! ..


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